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Written & Directed by SRZ

“It’s Layla’s last day at work and her colleague, Geo is in love with her, but he is afraid to open up to her because there are tons of cultural, ethnic and religious differences between the two.”

Haraam is an independent feature film, written & directed by SRZ (Serge Rashidi – Zakuani). The film centre’s around one day in the life of GEO, an aspiring filmmaker who currently works at a picture framing store. In love with his colleague and friend Layla but afraid to tell her and afraid to go for his dreams, the film finds him at the point where he must decide to either go for it or let it all go, especially since its Layla’s last day at work.”

Shot in only 7 days on location in London for under £3k with a RED SCARLET, Haraam is the most ambitious project to date from Stepping Stonez staring Pakistani actress and model Ainy Jaffri-Rahman alongside an ensemble cast. The film is scheduled for an online release in late 2018.

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About Stepping Stonez

We are a production house on a journey to create authentic films for our audience.

We are passionate about diversity in film and doing the seemingly impossible.

Our journey as a company began in fringe theatre world where we spent several years producing, directing and writing plays on various subject matters. 

We often worked with talented writers who had never seen their work on a ‘proper stage’, which was rewarding in many ways. As a by-product, we also provided opportunities for many talented actors to gain experience.

We challenged ourselves and collaborators to work outside of our comfort zones and as a result produced several plays that would run longer than the conventional, self-funded, fringe theatre production.

Our History

We began in the theatre world, providing a platform for upcoming writers and actors to develop their craft.

Our recent history is a story of learning our way around the film industry. We are excited for the future and hope to establish a place in the industry, providing viewers with quality content along the way.

Meet The Team

Serge Rashidi Zakuani

Serge co-founded Stepping Stonez while studying for a Media degree at University. He is the creative driving force, and has several directing and writing credits to his name in theatre and film. He has a passion for telling stories that uplift the human spirit and is never short on new ideas!

Anthony Boakye-Mensah

Anthony is a co-founder of Stepping Stonez, and is the operational force with several Producer credits to his name in theatre and film. He enjoys the challenge of formulating a plan, project managing and problem solving to reach the end goal of a project. He fancies himself as a bit of a writer too so we may see some writing credits in the not too distant future!

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