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  1. Jasmine

    Hey guys just want to say I LOVED the show… I thought the acting was on point and the script was really good.. it had me laughing all the way through.. you really are talented people and I pray that you will continue to use that talent to glorify God.. not only that I want to say some of the encouragement and advice given to the characters spoke personally to me .. you dealt with some tough topics and basically just well done 🙂

  2. Hi guys, just want to say that the rest of the team and I completely LOVED the show yesterday night! It was AMAZING!!!

    What I really liked was the fact that the production opened the doors a little to the heart of a man struggling with homosexual thoughts, because too many of us are quick to judge, and yet this guy was struggling with this issue, a situation which he DID NOT want to be in and you could CLEARLY see that he loved God! I’m not saying that every gay guy has been through this, but we got to remember that there may be at least some that went through what this character went through.
    I love the fact that when he went to his father for advice, hos father brought up Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh’, and even though Paul asked God more than once to take it away, (no one knows what the thorn was) Jesus simply replied, “My grace is sufficient for you”, which is powerful! As long as we draw from Him, His grace will be sufficient, as we are able to do ALL things through Him! His father also told the young man about a friend of his who went through the same issue, and instead of feeding the flesh, he fed the spirit via living a single life! We forget that being gay is a sin, and like any other sin it is a struggle to put it away, but through God’s love we are able to do just that!

    As for Ruth’s character, I felt sorry for her, but I began to realise that I didn’t like her at all! She’s too quick to point out everyone else’s faults and secrets and not even deal or bring to light her own, but she wants to solve everyone else problem! I think this is the ‘plank-speck in the eye’ dilemma here! She is a hypocrite and I hate it when people do that! And because she didn’t open up and let her problems be known, without a second thought she took matters into her ow hands in a rage of fury. Well her husband had it coming to her, you reap what you sow….

    With the young girl who kept making herself sick to feel good, I mean it all starts with doing it once, and then when it is practiced it becomes a habit and if done enough times after that a way of life… SHE WAS ADDICTED!! From things like this to, masturbating, to casual sex, to taking drugs, it’s all the same thing, people look to find their place of rest in these things! And they know it’s not good! Some even whilst doing it are crying either on the inside or out loud, yet when it’s all over, they get themselves ready to do it again, because that’s all they know, that’s where they get their relief from, instead of getting it from the on true God who came down to earth so that we might have real rest in Him!

    This play touched lives, no one could walk away without something to think about! It related to every one in different ways, no mater whether you were christian, non christian, black, white, gay or straight! It was for everyone! And I just got to say, THIS is how the gospel should be taken out of the church and presented to the world, NOT conforming to it, but bringing it to them in a form they’ll understand, just as Christ did with his parables!

    This show is gonna be on my mind for a good while!


    Stay blessed!

    1. Deep break down of the play my brother, love it…..thanks for giving away the storyline lol……it aint like we were planning to put it back on again (wink) lol.

      your support in all of this has been beyond belief, talk about going the extra mile on our behalf!!

      Thank you

      now on to the plans we’ve made!!

  3. I’m so glad I went to this play it was thought provoking, funny, sad, I went through so many emotions. I thought of people I knew who had been in situations similar to those seen in the play, I asked myself what would I do if that happened to me or any of my children… It was good. My only concern was should it have been for under 15s as there were some scenes that were very dramatic and possibly not easy for a child to ‘process’ and express how it made them feel. I hope parents that allowed their under 10s to watch it give their children time to explain all that they saw and answer questions that may now be in their young minds. A child to me under 3 should not have seen it and my friend that came with me who was a teacher felt the same.
    Well done Silvano to you and all the actors and actresses please let me know when you are doing the next one.
    Can I only give you my one constructive criticism which for me made a huge impact on the visuals for not just me but my friend also.
    The stage setting, the quality how it was presented, the tablecloth, sofa, It could have and should have been I feel for a play of that calibre on point and it wasn’t.
    I think that you have to look at everything when presenting to the public and I did, I could not fault the play in any area it was excellent, so I think once the resources used are on point you SVG Productions will be around for a bvery long time.
    Please keep me informed of your plays in the future.

  4. I have to say that I loved this play immensely and was glad that it touched issues that some of us ‘church folk’ don’t like to address or like to sweep under the carpet. I loved the characters and I loved the message. My hope is that Christians did not walk away just saying that it was a nice play but we would also look inwardly on how we treat others who may be struggling in one way or another in their Christian journey and how we should show mercy as we have been shown mercy

    Well done all

  5. LOVED THe play. Indeed the stage setting was bland and appeared to show financial limitations but that did nothing but accentuate the professionalism of the scene changes, the actors’ use of the spaces and their convincing acting. Their commitment to the piece was tremendous. I was more than impressed
    I have had some acting experience and would be happy to apply for roles in the future if you needed some-one of my profile. In any case, well done and good luck

  6. ruth

    I’m Ruth just move back to London for university, and i would like to still carry on my acting. i would like to join your group is it is possible

    thank you

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