Work Experience

My name is Tyra Wilson and this is my first day as a work experience    intern      at Stepping Stonez.

I am a sixth form student currently at the end of my first year. I study  four    subjects; these include: Media, Psychology, Economics and English.  Media is  the subject I would say I enjoy the most out of my chosen four as  it allows me  to be creative, use my initiative and be enterprising all at the same time. For my AS practical we were encouraged to create the beginning of a thriller style film, to do this we had to think about costume, lighting, characters and setting making sure they all conformed to the stereotypical conventions of a thriller style film. This task was extremely enjoyable as well as a bit challenging for me and the process of editing the product allowed me to gain skills in that area of production too. I also exercise my media interest by engaging in activities such as being an extra in the British film ‘Fast Girls’; this was a great experience for me as I learnt what goes on during pre-production of films and also what being an extra is like.

We were asked to find work experience during the summer term that was in the field of work we were looking to go into. I was very grateful when Stepping Stonez agreed to take me on for an internship, from this work experience I hope to gain skills from marketing and public relations to help promote the products and hopefully be able to see the finished items when exhibited. This internship will aid to giving me an insight into what the world of work is like in the area I hope to go into in the future.