Antoinette Boateng

SS & SRZ I LOVE you guys. I’ve been so inspired by meeting you and having the opportunity to work with you talented individuals on The Waiting Room production….those memories will last a lifetime.
At times I laughed, cried, ‘penged’, moaned, got over it then just got on with it but you guys never changed; you just remained focused throughout the process. That’s priceless behavior and says a lot about your character. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to try something new; acting. Its much appreciated.
Keep pushing SS, Keep doing what you’re doing, your possibilities are limitless, and I will always have your back 😉 so just holla when the times right to do this crazy thing all over again!! Leeeaaave it!!
Love & Blessings
Antoinette Boateng x

Antoinette is a multifaceted actor, producer, director and playwright. She has experienced this in new writing, adaptations and musical theatre. She enjoys all aspects of theatre from classical texts to sketch shows.Antoinette is passionate about working with young people and enjoyswatching them find their voice and express themselves. She looks forward todeveloping this work further.

Specialties & Interests include – Poetry, Adaptations, Musical Theatre, Comedy and Dramatic Texts.