Hello world,

SRZ here, writing this, to announce my new stage project entitled ‘Brown Eyez’. After what I felt was a great debut with my first play ‘The Waiting Room’, I’ve decided to start penning my sophomore play.

It’s always daunting to start all over again, staring at a blank document, figuring out what it is you feel compelled to say and finding a way to translate that desire into a story that makes sense, not only that but a story that will find and connect with an audience.

Brown eyez is a period piece about slavery, it’s only fitting that I write it this month because we’re in black history month so i feel like this is the perfect month to write this story. The beautiful thing about ‘Brown eyez’ is that underneath the themes of race, discrimination and suffering is this story about love and liberation.

Brown eyez already feels like an important statement for me to make. ‘The Waiting Room’ served as an amazing platform for my to find my voice, my style of getting a story across and connecting with my audience. With Bown eyez, what I hope to achieve is this sense of contribution to my race and humanity in general, regardless of how small that contribution may seem in the grand scheme of things.

I feel like this is my story to tell in the only way I can tell it, so when something feels special like that, you start hoping you have the skills necessary to pull it off……not sure that I do, but all I can do is give it my best shot. I have 2 scenes written and the plot outlined from start to finish, now my hopes is that I will be disciplined enough to just sit down and write and hopefully bring some amazing new characters to life.

The journey begins……again

Stay tuned