404 Stepping Storiez

Antoinette Boateng

SS & SRZ I LOVE you guys. I’ve been so inspired by meeting you and having the opportunity to work with you talented individuals on The Waiting Room production….those memories will last a lifetime.
At times I laughed, cried, ‘penged’, moaned, got over it then just got on with it but you guys never changed; you just remained focused throughout the process. That’s priceless behavior and says a lot about your character. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to try something new; acting. Its much appreciated.
Keep pushing SS, Keep doing what you’re doing, your possibilities are limitless, and I will always have your back ūüėČ so just holla when the times right to do this crazy thing all over again!! Leeeaaave it!!
Love & Blessings
Antoinette Boateng x

Antoinette is a multifaceted actor, producer, director and playwright. She has experienced this in new writing, adaptations and musical theatre. She enjoys all aspects of theatre from classical texts to sketch shows.Antoinette is passionate about working with young people and enjoyswatching them find their voice and express themselves. She looks forward todeveloping this work further.

Specialties & Interests include – Poetry, Adaptations, Musical Theatre, Comedy and Dramatic Texts.

Alice Bounsall

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Stepping Stones Theatre Company. They
are a great team and really look after all the team members! Everyone worked
together really well and as a result of this respectful and empathetic ethos the
result was a fantastic show in which everyone on board was passionate about and
proud of. I will always remember my time with the company and I will never forget
the fun it was putting on this play! Thanks for everything!”

Alice Bounsall graduated at The Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts where

she passed with merit and attained a scholarship to the New York Conservatory.

She spent some time in Berlin performing in various bars and theatres.

She is an avid reader and her favourite playwrights are Ibsen and Strindberg.

She took a short course in Existentialism at City Lit and her dream job would be to work with Lars Von Trier.

Nikaela Morrison

Nikaela Morrison, Age 18

I have been working with stepping stonez now for¬†around half a year and it’s been a refreshing experience. My initial reasons for joining the drama group¬†was to build my confidence and with the work load of college I needed somewhere I could go to¬†have enjoyment as well. [Read more…]

Sanchez Brown

Sanchez Brown, Age 21

Stepping Stonez,

Well what can I say… from the off its been nothing but great fun and laughs.
Stepping Stonez is an organisation that has made me feel welcome and comfortable. [Read more…]

Eloise Bonney

Eloise Bonney, Age 17

I worked with the stepping stonez team for 7 months and had the most incredible time. The group of people who I got to meet were amazing and everyone was so inspirational and worked to get the best out of everyone. [Read more…]

Stasti Theatre

Steph & Hasti: Founders of Stasti Theatre

Steph & Hasti: Founders of Stasti Theatre

Stepping Stonez are a group of talented, inspired and entrepreneurial young men. We originally met Stepping Stonez on an interview for a position as weekly drama workshop leaders and through that interview we found that we shared the same ideas on what we wanted to achieve.

[Read more…]

Claudio Camilo

Claudio Camilo, Age 22

In my time with stepping stonez we engaged in social discussions that were then used to write a script, a script that the entire group contributed to. They discovered and involved all of our individual talents into our performances, from singing, to poetry and comedy. [Read more…]

Rebecca Gosling-Croft

Rebecca Gosling-Croft, Age 18

Rebecca Gosling-Croft, Age 18

I love acting, I love standing in the suit of somebody else, speaking for them and so on.
I’ve been a part of ‘Stepping Stonez’ for about a year and a couple of months, and it’s been great being around supportive people who all have such¬†incredible dreams. [Read more…]

Olivia Haran

Olivia Haran

Olivia Haran, Age 22

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with the gang from Stepping Stonez. From the very beginning to the end they have always been extremely welcoming and friendly not only to me but to anyone that came through the doors of the rehearsal space. [Read more…]