Claudio Camilo

Claudio Camilo, Age 22

In my time with stepping stonez we engaged in social discussions that were then used to write a script, a script that the entire group contributed to. They discovered and involved all of our individual talents into our performances, from singing, to poetry and comedy.

I felt that Stepping Stonez’ aim to teach us, the young people, new skills for life and helping us achieve a higher level of performance. The Stepping Stonez team created an environment where we were able to break down all social barriers and focus on our goals.

My goal was to be a better performer, which I believe I am now one step closer. The best thing about stepping stonez is the environment, being around people with a passion for their talents; from the Stepping Stonez workers to the people I had the privilege to share the stage with. I would recommend Stepping Stonez to any young talent that needs that stepping stone.