404 Misidentity: hits a chord with the audience

Misidentity: hits a chord with the audience

After months of hard work and preparation, Misidentity seems to have come and gone so quickly (wow 1 week speeds by quickly sometimes)

It would seem that the audience really loved it, which is really important but not only that but critics have also responded well to the production too, which is super fantastic.

here is a review: http://tolitasmusings.blogspot.com/2011/04/theatre-review-misidentity.html

For their debut production, Stasti theatre have created a gem, one that I’m sure will soon reach to the furthest cities in the UK due to its multicultural appeal.

It as a pleasure to help this show stand on its feet and now we (Stepping Stonez) are excited to see what Stasti theatre will do with it from here.

Hard work always beats talent every time so when you find people who are both talented and hard working, you know you have something special in your hands and that is what the writers of Misidentity embody.

Keep an eye on these girls, they have a lot to say through their work, for more info on Stasti Theatre please visit: http://www.stastitheatre.co.uk/

watch this space!!

As for us, we have a backlog of work to do so this year may become even more busier than we anticipated it being but thats the thrill of running your own company and ultimately….. life

stay tuned