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The TOEFL writing that is integrated is not a bit that is little same from the indepent.For the integral, you can find of planning the composition two ways: The very first is named the "block" format. It looks like this: Sentence 1: Introduction Paragraph 2: All the details from the reading Part 3: Most of The details in the listening Part 4: Finish The second reason is called the "point-by-point" structure. Below it is: Sentence 1: Introduction Sentence 2: First major position in the reading + equivalent level from the listening Passage 3:Second key place from the reading + matching position in the hearing Part 4: Next key position in the reading + corresponding place from your hearing Paragraph 5: Summary But which structure is better?! Both types are not unacceptable. In my opinion, nonetheless, the "point-by-point" format is the greatest-it’s the only path to essentially "incorporate" content from your listening and reading. Nonetheless, you can find often problems with this format. The biggest problem is that occasionally that you do not have an equal quantity of things in the listening and reading. Another dilemma is the fact that occasionally the details do not match each other effortlessly. In these conditions, it’s better to make use of the block format.

These areas each should be separated with specific data offered about each class.

One TOEFL guide (Kaplan) book has a very good clarification of the point-by-point. Here is what it says: "the idea-by-point format requires a relatively identical variety of key points, and also the points has to be quickly coupled or related." How to exercise this? If you want to improve your publishing then your best move to make is this: write, write, write! should you want to have your documents repaired by way of a native-speaker of Language, you will find websites for this. Here’s one: TOEFL Essay Practice.