On the road to Camden fringe

Ok so yesterday (12th/06/11) we had another performance of our latest show: The 7 Detestable sinz. The plan was to do 2 to 3 sketches but we ended up only performing one since the audience wouldn’t stop laughing…..meaning we had to wait with each punch line…..meaning our time ran out…..lets hope this doesn’t happen at the fringe since we only have a good hour to do everything in!!! well I guess the laughter is a good sign!!

Since were Camden festival virgins, its only natural that the whole team @ Stepping Stonez have mixed emotions about the whole shabang…were excited but nervous at the same time. Comedy is very rewarding when the laughs are coming in but very cringe worthy when the joke doesn’t it home.

The stage is a very vulnerable place to be, you cant help but feel too exposed…especially when things aren’t going as planned but hey..thats quite similar to life in many ways. The rush of living comes from putting yourself out there, with no assurance of success!

Nothing in this life is promised…and I guess thats the beauty of it all. At any given day your lot in life can dramatically change, so do be careful what you prioritize¬† as valuable and worth while in your life.

anyways, the count down is on and though it still seems far away, we know that the show is fast approaching….we’ll be ready though

lets hope!!!