The Journey So Far: Casting

After 3 long days of auditioning, we  have finally put together our cast for our latest theatre production ‘ The Waiting Room’. The process has not been easy, the talent we had available was incredible to say the least but we think the final cast members we have chosen will give an amazing performance.

So much is at stake with this project. It’s our very first 3 week production, we have come a very long way since our 1 day shows and that alone gives us a proud feeling but the road ahead seems very uncertain.

So much things to consider, various things still need to fall in place but yet the whole team have this sense of excitement and anticipation like no other project before.

The team has grown and so has our capacity and skill sets, which we truly hope will be reflected via this production. The waiting room is also very special to us because its the first production written in house, directed and produced in house too.

Over the coming weeks we will be keeping a diary like account of our journey so that you can share with us our high’s and lows and everything else in between we have come to expect when putting on a show.

This is shaping to be our very best production to date, we have our minds set on truly bringing something unique, heartfelt and inspiring.

The journey starts now


keep an eye out for one of our very own Dorcas ‘Princess’ Olatunji’s blog, Dorcas serves the in house artistic director @stepping stonez and she will be assisting directing ‘The Waiting Room’.

Her Journey starts soon…….