The Journey So Far: First Cast Read Through

Hey Guys,

OK, so we had our very first cast get together/ read through last friday, here is what happened.

Most of the team got to the HQ  hours ahead of time because we are running a business at the end of the day and had other things to do aside from the read through.

I get to HQ to find the girls (Latoya & Dorcas) having their meeting about another project they are working on, all I can do is think about the read through, loads of questions going through my mind…..are they (the cast) all gonna turn up? what will they think of my writing? will any of them want to drop out after reading it? – after all this is my first attempt at writing a stageplay, even though I’ve produced 5 and directed 1 in the past.

A few of the cast members arrive early…….one arrives one hour early so we make her wait outside (in the cafe….not outside outside), a few more begin arriving….but we have nowhere to put them as the room we have booked for the read through is not available to us for the next hour or so……..Anthony (The producer) is still nowhere to be seen and he has all the scripts….

so we’re just stuck at HQ with no scripts, no room, some very punctual cast members and a lot of time to spare. I finaly receive a text from Anthony….something to do with not being able to print out enough scripts, has to meet with his girlfriend who has been kind enough to print off the rest,meaning he’s now gonna be late……gosh!

The rooms available now and most of the cast members are here too…..I ask Dorcas (the assistant director) to begin with some light games to get the cast comfortable and talking with each other while I wait for Anthony to arrive.

A few late comers from the cast arrive and still no word from Anthony……for the first time I start to panick a little….more out of nerves than anything else…..I want this to go down smoothly……..text from Anthony (finally)….he’s one stop away……(Brill) I can relax now.

With the scripts in my hand and the producer with me…..we stroll into the room and hand them out to our very patient cast……a little more random talking from me (again….out of nerves) then we finally get the reading on the way.

I sit right by the door (to block any one from leaving half way through…..just incase) and I listen as the cast read their parts…….amazing…’s sounding better than I expected.

an hour later and the play is read…..a short moment of silence before a round of applause is given…….they like it! (relief)

We have a debate about the themes of the play (this is good…they are engaged) and then we dismiss everyone earlier than specified (they deserve it) and I want to bask in my little moment of glory with my team.

Before the cast leave I thank them and remind them that they still have the option of opting out of the project if they do not want to be a part of it…..I tell them to email us if they can’t say it in person.

It’s now Tuesday and not an email from anybody wanting to opt out….(good)

Now the real work will soon begin…..but not before we do our photoshoots for marketing purposes, hold a few more meetings with cast members individually and then we hit the ground running.

the journey continues

stay tuned