The Journey So Far: PR Meeting

Hey Guys

Today we had our PR meeting to discuss how to widen our audience for the company and our Summer 2012 production ‘The Waiting Room’ (me in the office, SRZ on speakerphone)

I met up with a uni friend at our HQ at the Albany Theatre who runs her own PR company. Stepping Stonez has been operating for a number of years now and PR is definitely one of the areas we can improve on. This meeting was definitely overdue….

We discussed our past efforts to promote the company and our shows (5 in total) and realized there are so many avenues when it comes to PR . We realized that although we have explored some of those avenues, we have not been persistent (sometimes due to fear of bugging people). We’ve often discussed our lack of ‘bragging’ about our organization and while it can be annoying to be constantly tweeted,facebooked and emailed by organizations, it is part and parcel of a successful business

Our PR Guru listened, listened and listened some more before giving us some ideas we could explore to increase our awareness. She asked questions regarding our industry and promised to write up a proposal for us

Then it came down to cost (heart beating) – the price quoted was reasonable so there was no hesitation in signing the contract! Money is worth spending if it is going to take you to the next level.

A word to new start-ups and aspiring businessmen – make sure you sort out PR! (You can work as hard as you like but if nobody knows you then I guess IT DOESNT MATTER!)

Hopefully our PR side of the business is now in a position to take Stepping Stonez to the world!

The journey continues….

Stay Tuned

Anthony Mensah