So we have our very first cast read through/introductions coming up this Friday (25th May) for our latest project ‘The Waiting Room’ and I have yet to rewrite some of (most of) the script.

I seem t0 be suffering from advanced writers block, which is weird considering that the script is already written, meaning the idea of the play is already fully formed, I now just need to crystalise it but for some reason I don’t seem to be too keen on it at the moment.

My personal excuse would be that I am also writing new material for another project, so my mind is split between that and this.

I’m forcing myself to sit still and focus, usually when I’m unable to write, it all comes down to one thing……..lack of concentration. Without focus, nothing ever gets done……so that is what I need to apply.

Anyways, I shouldn’t even be writing this…..just thought I’d distract myself from the real work at hand.

The journey continues……….